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I like the new UI with the editing tools for images, looks great. However the "rotate image" needs an option to rotate the height and width as well. As is, the image becomes oddly skewed because the height and width remain locked, and just the content of the image itself rotates within those locked measurements. (Example: original image is H200xW400 - rotate 90degrees - it SHOULD now be H400xW200, but as the tool works now it remains H200xW400 and just rotates and skews the image within those measurements.) Only negative feedback, everything else is great!
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I agree.  The new photo editor is very restrictive.  I am forced to take my images to an outside program to make the changes that I need.  These are edits I used to make EASILY in the old version and now has become a bit of a root canal.  Please do bring back the option of the past editor or change it to something that allows us more flexibility.


I agree. It's impossible to save an edited image.


The new photo editor lacks the border features we were using in our previous newsletters. We will lose consistency with our images moving forward. Disappointing.


Big fail on the photo editor. It won't save.


I am having a problem with the photo editor too. They're just going to leave it like this? Broken? When people are paying for a functional photo editor as part of their subscription?

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Completely agree. I have sent quite a bit of feedback about this and I see others have as well. Trying to use it today and it's glitching... easier and more effective to alter photos in Adobe then import. 


It is now September 10, 2019 and as far as I can tell the issue is still not fixed. We're new to Constant Contact and so far our experience is not great. When I called Customer Service 5 days ago they acted like it was a new problem that would be resolved quickly - I guess it's not because according to this thread it's been happening for ten months. I'll take the advice of another user and edit my photos in Adobe before uploading to Constant Contact. 


Now in the new year, January 2, 2020 and I cannot save an edited photo. This is very frustrating especially after reviewing the same complaints dating back to January 2019! A possible deal breaker for our subscription.


Hi @NMHC. Could you explain what's happening when you're saving an edited photo? You can save an edited photo by clicking "Export" in the top right corner after making your changes. 




I cropped my image and hit export. It showed up in my library but not in the images section until I deleted the original. Hope this helps. 

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