Placing Multiple Uploaded Images at Once

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I create a lot of my graphics outside of Constant Contact. Once I have uploaded all of my images to your site, I would like to be able to input them into my email in bulk instead of placing them one by one. Please make this change as I waste a lot of time putting in images manually one by one. 

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Hello @MicheleP9 ,


How would you want this to work? There's a several ways images can be added to emails:

  • on their own, text wrapped
  • as a single image in a row
  • multiple images in a row, based on number of columns
  • into tables
  • into pre-built layout blocks 
  • into specialty blocks like events or product blocks

When you're trying to add "lots of graphics" to your emails or other campaign types, are you adding them all side-by-side in multiple rows and columns, or are you wanting to just stack them all into their own rows? If you're adding them to specialty blocks, how would you expect the bulk-add to function with respect to those? If you're adding the images one on top of the other, does double-clicking the image speed up your process, as opposed to dragging them over?

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