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You claim to not allow unsolicited contact. I get them from companiesusing your service constantly.i am always having to block and delete crap from you. North Star insurance advisors is the latest example. Too bad you don’t practice what you preach.

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Hi @PhilipE37 I apologize that you are receiving these emails. We take spam reports very seriously and have strict guidelines against this. If you are receiving unwanted emails, you can forward them to abuse(at)constantcontact(dot)com where any appropriate action will be taken. We can also add you to our Block list that will prevent you from receiving any Constant Contact emails. In fact our Support is available and can help add you to this list.

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I would dispute Frankie's assertion that CC takes spam seriously.  As a long-time customer we have seen increasing amounts of unsolicited spam, which could only be coming from someone buying or "harvesting" our emails, both of which are prohibited under CC TOS (5.1(a) for purchased emails, 7.4(d) for harvesting).


Since CC rarely gets back to our abuse@ complaints quicker than 1 week, we resort to reporting them via chat.


CC's response to our complaint?  They are unsubscribing us from the offender, but are NOT taking any further action for violating TOS.  This is despite the customer being a shady AF customer with a travel-related domain, that is pushing mortgage re-financing in the email body.


I get it's a delicate balance with people who forget they subscribed to large/reputable companies, but CC protecting mortgage-rate fraudsters is a new low.

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