Resubscribing contacts in Beta

We are already having problems with how difficult it is to resubscribe our members who have realized they mistakenly unsubscribed. Having the old option to send a resubscribe email when requested by the former subscriber is a far simpler method for us and our community.

Lease reinstate the option of resubscribing contacts that has inadvertently unsubscribed.
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This is completely unacceptable to not be able to simply resubscribe members to our newsletter.  We are a medical organization that needs to get information out to the physicians in our province and since I can not resubscribe them easily it is a HUGE problem.  Please have this reinstated ASAP.  Or we may consider moving to a difference provider.

Unable to manually relist a contact who previously unsubscribed, and i'm trying to enter same email address. It won't let me do this, not acceptable when contacts change their minds.

We really need the re-subscribe option available.  We deal with an older population who has a very difficult time with links, etc.  Please advise.  Thank you.

I have many contacts who want to re-subscribe after un-subscribing. The process becomes complex for me - and I don't have time to reach out to each of the 100 or so folks who have done this. Is it not possible for a person trying to resubscribe and simply be sent a link by me when they ask - that will take them to CC and assist them in resubscribing?

Hello! I noticed that the "Resuscribe" button is now gone from your new "Contacts" layout. I called customer service yesterday and was told that I now have to fill out a sign-up form for the contact every time someone wants to resuscribe. We are a privately owned yacht club that uses emails to be sent exclusively to members only, so I have to fill out the form myself so the sign-up form link does not get circulated to people who may not be members. It was so much more convenient to just go into the contact and hit the "resuscribe" button before and have them just "confirm" on their end. I get phone calls weekly here of people who accidentally unsubscribed, so its been such an inconvenience now that this option is gone. I'm really really hoping you consider bringing it back. Thank you.

It appears there is no way for someone to Resubscribe to a newsletter anymore? I was unsubscribe to our Work Sales Newsletter for some reason and there is no longer a Resubscribe button?????

Church members accidently unsubscribe and it's almost impossible to resubscribe easily for older people.  PLEASE CORRECT THIS UPDATE.  It's awful!!!  It's SO bad, that when there's time, we will look for another method to communicate with our congregation.

Please help!


Well, I can see that I am not alone.

We are a small church and school we have many people that unsubscribe by mistake or decide to return to our school. It has been an incredible inconvenience to try to re-subscribe our parents. I really hope that this gets adjusted. If not, then I will consider looking around for different email services.


Please create a way to re-subscribe contacts who have accidentally unsubscribed.
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