Resubscribing contacts in Beta

We are already having problems with how difficult it is to resubscribe our members who have realized they mistakenly unsubscribed. Having the old option to send a resubscribe email when requested by the former subscriber is a far simpler method for us and our community.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @BethIsraelJackson. Thank you for your feedback about the resubscribe method while working in the Contacts Beta tool. It is currently under development and we'll take this into consideration as we continue to make updates to it. I'll also open this up for voting so other Beta users can comment and vote. 

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Here's an about you don't roll out a half-baked Contacts update until you test it with existing customers and listen to your customer support team - I spoke with FOUR of them yesterday trying to resolve resubscribing ONE contact and every single one of them said the same thing - that the new Contacts update is awful and should not have been rolled out. Talk about bad press when your own people are telling customers how bad the update is. COMMUNICATE to your customers and let us know this is coming and what to expect. DON'T take away key and essential items such as:

  • Resubscribe button. Having to email each contact who gets unknowningly unsubscribed the link is inefficient and puts the onus on the customer. That little button was essential to retaining valuable customers
  • Unsubscribe lists. The fact that I have to download an entire contact list of more than 5k contacts and then go through my own sorting process shows me that your development team is completely disconnected from your customers. 
  • Contact search. This is now overly complicated and since folks change their email all the time, it was super easy to put in part of a name and get a field of options. Again, if there'd been any communication about the update, or say a video tutorial of the new features, I would have known more. 

This is the second time in two years that we've experienced issues with our contacts. First one was some sort of list purging cause by a glitch in the system. Now we have a wonky, ill thought out update that is a pain. I spent 2.5 hours on the phone yesterday trying to get ONE CONTACT back into the system; the contact had already re-subscribed and I'd added them back to the list. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. 


TEST and COMMUNICATE. It's what you're supposed to do. 

I need to be able to let parishioners resubscribe after they have unsubscribed. Please put the button back. We need this option it is a must especially right now. Thank you

We need to add back parishioners who have unsubscribed and been deleted. Please add the button back that all your instructions tell you to use.

Thank you.


Put the resubscribe button back.


How do I resubscribe a contact?  The help video is no help!  I need to get one contact back in who mistakenly unsubscribed by tomorrow!!  Please help.


Hi @CarolE91 I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! The workaround we suggest is to send the unsubscribed contacts a link to your Sign Up Form so they may resubscribe through there.

I have multiple contacts asking to be resubscribed, but the link is not showing up where it used to. In fact, the entire interface is different. My clients are annoyed because they want information from us that we can't seem to send them.
Can you add the capability for us to "unsubscribe" emails on behalf of users so that we can make sure they are not imported for future mailings. Once it is deleted, there is no way of knowing they the requested to be unsubscribed.

We are a church, and a lot of the seniors are technology and visually challenged. They unsubscribe without realizing it.


It used to be until this cluster of weirdness that is now your new whatever it is, that I could resubscribe by clicking a button to have them watch for a resubscribe, but it is no longer there. I went through all of your steps and it just not appear any more as an option.  None of them ever intend to do this. I realize there are privacy issues, but not letting them have the opportunity to respond to a resubscribe email is a friggin pain.


Seems like the more you do to improve, the more you take away. I miss being able to indent, I miss a lot of things from the old formatting that I no longer have available since your last update of templates. It is so very frustrating. Makes me want to move to MailChimp.




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