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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

says number unsubscribed, but I can't get a list of these on click - please respond to

Tag doesn't make it quite as clear, so I should clarify, that's when adding contacts, and mousing over the red number box in the 'activity' tab view.

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I'd like to clean my list or phone them for more feedback, but can't if I don't know which person or company it is.
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Each time I upload a set of contacts, I would like to see a detailed upload report specific to that set of contacts (i.e., which email addresses were successfully added, which had already unsubscribed (and when), which were not added because they were duplicates). Some of this information is currently available, but only across the entire account and not available per upload (i.e., unsubscribed contacts). This does not allow us to confirm that all of our contacts who should have been successfully added to a mailing list, have indeed been successfully added. Also, duplicates and unsubscribers should show up in a list of Errors for the current upload (just as improperly formatted and/or invalid email addresses do).
I just imported a list exported from my CRM software. Constant contact automatically imported/updated and said one of my contacts cant be used since they opted out. Your rep said there is no way to tell who was updated or who was excluded. This is a major flaw in my opinion as this data is important to me and should also we updated in my CRM software. Can this be fixed?? Matt
When I'm importing a large list and get a red "error report" stating that 5 names were previously unsubscribed, I would hope to get a list of those names so I can remove them from my master list. We are very careful to remove unsubscribed and blocked email addresses so being able to get the info on those we missed would be very helpful.
I entered appx 50 contacts using your multiple entry option. I received an error message saying that 6 of the emails had opted out. But there is no way to know which 6. So how do I find out?? Do I have to re enter all 50 names one by one? Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve it? Here is the feedback from the help desk: I apologize for the inconvenience, but there is not a way to see which two addresses were opted out from the list that you loaded in
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When I upload contacts to a new list, it tells me I have x number that could not be added because they were unsubscribed. But it doesn't tell me who those unsubscribed email addresses are. I'd like to know that so I can better manage my lists.
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I just uploaded new contacts. After completed, it had added the new people and updated the others. One person couldn't be added. It didn't say why and I was unable to see who that person was. It's very important to our business to offer the people in our database the opportunity to reinstate themselves if they have unsubscribed. People come and go in our business and often find themselves to be a part of our community once again. This new process makes it virtually impossible for us to determine who those people are when importing a new list. The last time I imported names, I was able to see right away so this is a very recent change in your system. PLEASE reinstate this feature. Thank you.
A list is loaded and I recieve a message that the job had 4 issues, 4 contacts were un-subscribed and could not be added to the list. Import list. Activity Tab. Activity Type. Preivous to the Constant Contact site update, a list would be avaialbe of which emails were not loaded. It is important for us to have a record of who is not recieveing a specific email notice because they were not loaded into the system.
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