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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

Campaign Contributor
Why can I no longer see if a contact contact has unsubscribed when I try to add a new list? This used to be displayed in the Activity report.
Currently I'm only able to see all of my unsubscribed contacts. I'd really like to be able to see a list specific to the excel file that I just imported. Cheers, David Case
Campaign Expert
Withthe new change, I can no longer see who was added! I cannont control my list anymore. please fix

Added new contacts from imported file. Told me 1 contact couldn't be added, but couldn't find which one or why. Was very easy before.

Campaign Collaborator
As part of the transition, we lost some very useful tracking capabilities. Please, please, please restore them! Here are the most vital items which need to be reinstated: 1) After contact list upload, viewable list of EMAILS who had errors - including the reason they were removed 2) Date a person unsubscribed. We tried going into Unsubscribe list and exporting it. The date updated is NOT the date they unsubscribed, instead it is the date we uploaded their email as part of a new list. We need the date unsubscribed. 3) Any notes a person left when they unsubscribed are also missing. 4) Under the specific contact, please restore log of emails opened and emails sent. Until we "send" a contact a new message NONE of their information appears. This means, if a person unsubscribed, we have no idea from what email or when since there is no email history available (nor would there be in the future since we cannot send them any messages to make this field active again). 5) Please make email history clickable (to preview of email sent) as well as sortable by A) opened/sent dates; :sunglasses: date email was sent. This new set-up may be great for companies who want to use Constant Contact as their primary contact management system (CMS), but I think you are forgetting about the customers that make up the base of your business - which cross many different industries and require CMS programs that can handle many more details than the email blast/event rsvp basics that Constant Contact can. This loss of vital reporting capabilities hinders our abilities to keep our Industry-Based CMS up to date, and may impact our ability to keep our business with ConstantContact.
Your new system for adding contacts is really crap. Can't see the ones that are rejected as already unsubscribed. Also the reports on emails sent do not enable you to print out the failures. Lots of other inconvenient changes. Not an improvement! Please revert to the previous, easy to use software.
Campaign Expert

Hi: When I upload a file to import, I am getting errors but I cannot see those errors and which contacts are affected. This is a major problem in how my company managing its list as we do it internally with our database. We need to see the errors immediately so that we can fix them internally. Please adjust back to your previous capabilities. Sami Barry

It was much easier to add contacts with selected field info with the old form. Please restore that functionality
Marketing Legend
When I go to the activity tab I can see that 5600 contacts (of my 5604) uploaded but I can no longer see the addresses that Constant Contact rejected. I used that information to update my lists too!
Marketing Legend
need the dates when contact opt out! Dates dates dates
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