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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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please DISPLAY the contact that could NOT be added. i need to know WHO so i can send them instructions on how to add themselves back in.
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We need the ability to specifically see who is already an opted out unsubscriber within the Activity Log report after importing a set of contacts.
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I just added a list of thousands of contacts. 46 of those are apparently unsubscribed, yet I can't see who those 46 are so that I can remove them from my import list, so this is going to happen every time. Please let us see who those contacts are - like it used to be - so I can correct the issue.
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We are unable to find our Unsubscribes for November. We have have had these email addresses come through in the Opt Out section in our weekly reports, and then usually remove these from the Unsubscribed section under Contacts, but no addresses have been coming up for November. The latest email addresses we can find are from Oct 30. We are waiting for someone to get back to us about this.
After importing my contact list, I am told there are 2 people who could not be added. No where does it tell me why, how to fix this or who they are.
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I've been switched to the new Contact Management platform and noticed that I can no longer view the errors/unsubscribed from my activity after I upload/update contacts. In the other version you could click after the upload and see what emails were unsubscribed or in error. This is extremely helpful especially to correct emails or to check if someone has unsubscribed. Because CC sometimes opts-out people on my own staff, in error, it helps me to know who I need to follow-up with to get them back on our mailing lists. Thank you, Lauren Thompson (I manage 4 separate CC accounts)
When I uploaded lists in the past any contact that had an issue was easily displayed on the activity screen. Now all I see is the number of contacts that had an issue but the individual contacts are not identified. Can we bring the list of contacts that had an issue back? It made it really easy to figure out why someone wasn't making it into my lists.
I want to be able to download ALL errors upon upload (including those who have previously unsubscribed!) so that I can update my database offline.
When the orange square appears showing # not added, want to drill into a report from that screen to see who was not added and why.
I am sad that I can no longer access the great info that used to be provided on the activity page. I used to be able to see which contacts did not import and why. This allowed me to fix any typos and resubmit those names. It also allowed me to apprise my sales managers if there was someone that they would have communicate by phone with. Please bring back this info!
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