Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

I would like to be able to adjust the margins before downloading my ecampaign as a pdf.

If I wanted to download a campaign as a PDF and then print it, it lays out the content to the edges of the top and bottom margins, which if I were to print it out later, any content that is on those edges will get cut off as my printer (and most printers) do not print to the edge, so content would get cut off, but you can't adjust the margins when downloading the campaign as a PDF.

When will Constant Contact upgrade their product to allow some control of page breaks when printing PDF's. There are multiple requests here for this feature to allow us to print professional looking documents from our Constant Contact Email yet there still is no action from CC. Any update on this?


IT would be more useful to have a download option with page breaks that match the to subject boxes. For example, I have a grid split between two pages. The grid should  have been on its own page. Maybe an option to "optimize" for download and printing options... Thank you

Agree with all comments above.  A small population of my audience still requires to read my newsletter in print.  A newsletter that looks great in e-mail looks terrible in print due to the page breaks thru sections.  Please update so we have the ability to change where the page breaks for printing.


It would be extremely helpful to have a printable version once a campaign is created. For example, our newsletter is emailed to our contact group, but as many here have mentioned, we also need to print 20-50 copies per month for patrons who do not use email. When I print, the newsletter is in the center 5 1/4" of the paper. If the margins could be adjusted, I could extend them to 7". That would reduce the amount of paper used.  Establishing page breaks would be helpful. A workaround I have used is printing the .pdf file I downloaded at 90%. This doesn't help with the poor placement of page breaks, but it does eliminate information being cut off.


I am a new CC member. Has anyone found a way to print a campaign / email without to awkward page breaks? We have several contacts who do not use computers, and we are accustomed to mailing them out. Please advise ASAP.


Hi LeighB4


I used to download a preview and see where the breaks were. If they were awkward, I would add a little something or make the font smaller/larger to accommodate the page break. My newsletters are generally 4-5 pages long and it took a long time to move articles around or fiddle enough to keep items on one page without running to the next. 


We ended up moving over to Cava to create our newsletters - SO MUCH EASIER. Once your Canva newsletter is created you can download it, print it, and still use Constant Contact to email it out to others. 


I got tired of fighting with the NO PAGE BREAKS. 


To : M. Christensen, Thanks for your input. I've just spent 4 hours trying to construct a Template in Constant Contact using a divider between what will be the top and bottom of every page! It's frustrating! I spoke with someone in Tech at CC. He said to download a preview and check the page breaks, as you had done. He also said to toggle back and forth as I make edits, so that I could maintain the page length (Are you KIDDING me?)  Tech support has many comments on this Community Home page, and he said they were working on it, but it might take a while... (If I have to, I will switch back to Powerpoint, or Publisher, or Edit in Word, then copy to the CC page. Ridiculous! My boss insists on me using this new software, so I'll have to work around NO PAGE BREAKS!


No matter how many times they say they are working on it, I can't believe they are. The page break comments go back at least 5 years. If other programs can figure out page breaks, not sure why CC can't. I would still recommend Canva. You can create your document in there, one page at a time, and still use CC to upload it to your contacts. 


I got the same answer when I first asked about page breaks. They made it sound like they really were working on it and it would be right around the corner. 18 months later, with many hours invested in reformatting over and over again, I switched. 


Good luck. We aren't the only frustrated ones. 

The workflow for CC is fantastic but it would be most helpful to be able to insert Page breaks for print media (that do not affect the email version formatting) so hard copies of the newsletter can come out cleanly and would help avoid cumbersome work arounds..

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