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Social Monitoring Add Multi-Image Posts and Videos for Instagram

When creating posts for Instagram I do not see the option to post videos, use multiple photos or the option to post to my story. Is this something that will be added (soon). I really like this feature and want to continue to use it. Also, will Linkedin be added? Would love to be able to post to all my social pages from one place.

Top Answer

There are multiple requests for this thread:


1) The ability to post multiple images on Instagram via the Social Posts feature - This is Implemented. When the feature was initially developed, the Instagram API allowed for only 1 image to be included in posts. That limitation was lifted, and we were now able to expand the tool to post up to 10 images for Instagram posts which will show in a carousel. 


2) The ability to post videos on Instagram via the Social Posts feature - This is Under Consideration as we are seeing what would need to be done to support videos.


In the interest of simplicity going forward, since the multi-image support is now in product, we will now use this thread for requests and updates on video posting functionality.


As an aside, I believe Instagram still doesn't allow for Stories to be posted via the API so that is something we won't be able to implement at this time. Reels, however, do seem to be supported.

Brand Influencer
Is it possible to post multiple graphics on a post. Also to be able to post to your facebook profile page.

I would definitely like to be able to post videos to social pages instead of just photos. I also whish we were able to post to business pages on linked in, you can only post to personal linked in pages currently, from what I've seen. 

Not applicable
the loading times need to greatly increase. i have to constantly refresh the screen because it takes so long. also when adding a social media post you can only add one photo at a time and again the loading time is like 5 seconds.

This is a big problem. The product needs to add this feature.

Constant Contact Partner
why can't i schedule video content? does anyone else feel like more than half of social is video or reels now??

Agreed @AmyP7  We need to be able to post videos to our social feeds.  Gone are the days of just posting a picture with text.  No one wants to read posts anymore.  

Constant Contact Partner

we need to be able to schedule video posts; also, please enable drag and drop function in calendar view (ie move posts to new dates by dragging and dropping, this is typical in most calendar views in similar platforms)


apparently you can't upload and post videos on social media on this platform. annoying and behind the times. 


It would be amazing if we could add and schedule videos to our social account



My firm is considering leaving Constant Contact because of the inability to schedule video content to our social media pages. This is not a "one stop shop" for us if we have to go directly to each platform with our video content. Not only does it negate any time savings with scheduling everything at once, it does not align with current the current trend/popularity of video over static images nor does it provide a complete view of our metrics. What is the hold-up for implementing this feature? The status has been "gathering information" since 2019.

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