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You all are ignoring one of the most important part of business...treating customers like people.  When you all answer my calls for instance, you introduce yourself and then you ask me for my login credentials.  You don't ask my name.  Do you approach people in your daily life that way?  The message I get is that you need me to prove to you that I'm worthy, or that you're more interested in my serial number than you are my name.  This is sales 101 y'all.  The competitor of yours I'm considering always greets me by my name.    Try "Thanks for calling Constant Contact this is Matt.  Can I get your name please?  Well hello Mike how are you today?  What can I help  you with today?"   THEN you ask for my login...

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @MikeM4890. We strive to make sure our customers have a great experience when calling in and I'm very sorry if this wasn't the case for you. I have forwarded your feedback to our management team for review. 

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