your system doesn't work and privacy issues

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i have repeatedly  tried to sign up to biogeometry student news over many months...

however, i have never, not once gotten an email from them through you... only through other students...  your system always acknowledges that i have signed up... and thanks me for joining... and if i do it repeatedly every minute or two, it always thanks me as though i was not signed up before.. i finally used another email from another person... same behavior.. but this time the email address received a notice of being signed up....


1. your system should mention that a sign up notice has been sent to email and that if it doesn't arrive there is an issue that needs investigating..


2.your system should give notice that an email address is already signed up...


3. i believe i have added the domains to my email provider to make sure they would not be blocked as spam...

4. your email from constant contact when i signed up.. which you forced me to do so i could give feedback, came to me. ... so that is not being blocked... and i have gotten emails from the biogeometry domains directly before they were sent by you.. and they were not blocked...  what is the issue here????

5. i try clicking on the link on your site to stop you from selling my info and it does nothing... what is the problem here???

6. i don't trust you and can't trust you because of your sloppiness as documented above...

7. i not only don't want you to sell my info, i don't want you to share it with anyone except those i might sign up with...  and i want that protection permanently...i want it  to extend even if you were bought out and/or merged with another company....  you are in the business to help communications, and hopefully not in  not in business of stealing valuable assets..... please inform me in simple and clear language if it is possible to protect my information assets, or if you have sold your soul.

8. i had to give my telephone number to you to sign up to send this.... what do you do with it? we have spam calls... we cannot get text on phone... we don't want more..

9. why do you avoid giving an email so i could email you simply instead of going through all this nonsense of signing up to your site etc... ??? you seem to guard your email info but not client emails... this is it not???

thank you for any and all truthful and complete answers to the above questions.

warmly, will       





i did not realize that this would be posted publicly, i was not intending to complain about your company publicly; i was just trying to communicate to support with an email and you gave me no other option that i could find...   and now i see this is then posted on a public forum...  not just going to one of your inboxes...     this was a surprise for me...   So be it....


Hi @willardw99


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! While we're always open to ways we can better our user's experience, based on the information you have shared the best step will be contacting the sender of this student news directly for further assistance. We recommend reaching out to the organization you want to receive emails from to see if they have any kind of confirmed opt-in turned on and if you may be on their account's internal suspend list.


As for sharing your contact information, our Terms & Conditions acknowledges the ownership rights users have to contact information such as your own. To request removal of your personal information on our public forums or on the public portions of our websites, please visit our Privacy Center. With that said, we will be closing this feedback past. While it's listed as no action, the steps shared in my response are the steps that can be taken on your end.

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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