archiving lists

Does anyone know if there is a way to archive lists? We have many lists we don't use but we do not want to delete them.
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Hello @LindaS27,


At this time there is not a way to archive your lists. As an alternative you can either 'favorite' the lists you do use so they appear on the top (, or rename the other lists to include a description in the name saying it's archived (ex. "(Archived) General Interest").


Were you hoping for something that archives/displays it separately outside of the Contacts page?


Hi - is this something that has been added in as a functionality? I don't want to delete these lists, but I do want to "hide" them from my everyday lists. Thanks. 


Hi @MichaelO863. I don't have any update to share with this request. If we do make any changes, we'll be sure to share them.

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