Manage contact lists with folders

The new design is mostly working well. But I really need a place to put lists that are no longer active, but still need to be maintained for reference. Our organization markets internally to our members. We have two main seasons, fall and spring. The membership shifts slightly each season, as some members take a break and others join or rejoin. I want the current season lists to be visible, but need to know which past seasons included a particular member. I want to be able to display, under "Email Lists," organizing folders as we can in the "Emails" module. That way I can have the most current, active lists visible and available; the other lists are archival and can be referred to without cluttering the interface. Thanks!

Would be great if we had the ability to create folders for contacts

Hi Donna, 

Thanks for posting. Can you explain a little more about how you would use folders? How would they be different from lists?

I would love the ability to put email lists into folders - similar to how you can put emails into folders. And the ability to attach tags to an email list and not just individuals. Thank you.
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Hi Constant Contact, I would greatly appreciate the ability to create Groups - a collection of lists whereby I can have certain lists in it. I have the situation where I have 5 different lists that all should receive my newsletter, but don't want to have to remember to pull in each one every time. And I don't want to create a Newsletter List with all the contacts of my 5 individual lists - because I would have to update that list each time I add new contacts. Please advise. Best regards Brian
I would love to see a feature where we can organize our lists better with folders. We have several thousand folks on our email list and 30+ lists. It would be great to be able to have those lists categorized into folders and sub-folders so that we don't have to scroll through so much information. Please consider adding this feature. I know it would benefit your users greatly!
We have a few members in our organization who use our Constant Contact and would like to hide certain email lists or group them together in categories (ie editorial group, policy group) so members aren't searching throughout email lists to find their own.
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Please add this simple feature to support your users who have multiple lists and are adding new ones each day dependent upon different mailing needs. It is getting to be quite the hassle to sort through all of the email lists, and though you do provide a delete button, it is really an archive or folder organization feature which I seek. To keep the records of what had transpired or been used in the past, yet separate it from the current/active lists. I would really LOVE to see this small software development change, as it would provide a LARGE impact for your users! thanks!
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I agree with the above comments.  Being able to organize the email lists would help tremendously as many organizations (mine included) tend to have multiple lists and growing.  An archive feature would help with this, but more importantly a folder feature--to allow the user to organize their lists according to their needs--would be even better! 


Yes I certainly agree with the above comments. Having our email lists being in more manageable folders would be so much better. Easier to organise lists if they were grouped into folders and sub folders, and easier to find too. We have so many email lists for each event we do, but we would benefit hugely in organising them better on constantcontact. A functionality I notice MailChimp does quite well. Any news from constantconatct to the above?


I love the folders for sorting email campaigns. It would be nice to have folders for contact lists to stay organized and easily reference archived campaigns based on type.

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