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Unable to save any changes

CTCT Employee

Re: Lost template changes

Hello @JonS426 , 


I am sorry that the customizations that you made to the template did not save.  I took a look at your account and see that the last save time was a little after 4 pm ET today.  Does this sound correct? 


If the changes are not appearing within your email, did you happen to send yourself a test with those changes?  If so, we might be able to get the information added back into the account from the test email.  If there is not a test email, we do not have versions of emails saved, the last save to an email is what will appear within an account.  


Can you also tell me more about when you were editing, did you get any error messages or did anything seem to load slowly? Is there a possibly that there could have been an internet connection issue?  Any information that you may have can help us to determine what could have happened to cause the email to not save properly.  

New Member

Site froze up

I was working on my first use of 60-day trial, spent an hour composing and uploading, during the save, the computer froze up and it appears I will loose everything. Not very happy with your services yet.
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Re: Site froze up

Hi @JeanI28 

I am very sorry to hear of this frustration. The email should be set to autosave every few minutes so it should still exist in your account. Can you help with some additional information to troubleshoot?


- What browser are you working in?

- Do you see a white screen, spinning wheel or something else?

- Do you see any error messages on the page?


If this is continuing to happen we recommend trying another browser or trying your current browser in Safe Mode. 

Thanks for your help,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Occasional Visitor

Drafts Rarely Save

Several times I've saved versions of a campaign draft and have gone back the next day to find out it never saved. I've had this problem before with the last campaign that I created. It says its saved with the time but after leaving the site and going back in, the changes are gone. Why is this continually happening? Its such a waist of time.
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Re: Drafts Rarely Save

Hi @JennyG87

I am very sorry to hear that this is happening, I can understand how frustrating this would be. Do you have an example of one of the emails that did not save? The name or subject (or date!) would be helpful. I can do some digging into your account to see if I can determine what is happening for you. 

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Campaign Draft Lost when working in Chrome

I am not certain what the nature or cause of this issue is, but this morning I lost a campaign draft that I was working on while using Chrome as my browser; after making substantial edits in the Edit screen and consistently saving the document throughout my workflow, when I clicked "Next/Continue" I was faced with an error message saying that "something went wrong" and the draft did not save properly, and prompting me to hit the "back" button and try again. When I did so, I was dismayed to find that all of my work had been lost. The campaign I started working on in Chrome was initially created as a Copy of a Copy of a Copy of another campaign, so not sure if this created issues or not. I wound up starting the campaign over again from scratch (though once again as a Copy of a previous Campaign that I then edited), this time using Firefox instead of Chrome. There were no longer any issues.
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CTCT Employee

Re: Campaign Draft Lost when working in Chrome

Hello @AbigailC24


I apologize that this happened within your account, around the time that you posted this message we were experiencing some site issues that could have been the cause of this.  These issues have since been resolved. If you experience any issues like this again in the future, please let us know.  


Also, as a note, we recommend sending test versions of your email, if possible, to yourself when you have completed major editing changes/enhancements.  By sending a test version of the email you are keeping a copy of the email in your inbox.  If for any reason content is accidentally deleted or a system issue occurs, we can re-create the email based off of that test.  

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Won't Save My Work this morning

I have no choice in the matter but I HATE CONSTANT CONTACT!
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Re: Won't Save My Work this morning

On Sunday I was working on a piece for about an hour.

I do saves almost every few minutes.  I did one save and the entire page went blank and lost all my work.  Not Happy


I went back and started again from a template but missing a lot. I worked on it another 30 minutes and decided to take a break.

I came back after lunch with a clear mind and signed on to find my original piece plus the piece I spend an extra 30 minutes on.


Its seems like its something different every day.   




Honored Contributor

Re: Won't Save My Work this morning

Hi @HaleyB390


I'm sorry to hear that your work isn't saving.


  • Are you receiving any error messages? 
  • Are you unable to save work in blocks?
  • Or is it not saving your work overall?
  • Are you working in a copy of a previously created email?
  • Could you try using a New Private Window in Firefox to see if there are any add-ons that could be causing this to happen?
  • Are you able to try another browser?


Thank you in advance for your assistance in answering the above questions. For immediate assistance, please reach out to our Support Team.