What's New in Constant Contact: Summer 2024


What’s New in Constant Contact!


We know you're juggling a lot, so we're constantly devising new ways to take the stress out of marketing. Check out our list of our Summer updates below!



Elevate your marketing game


Introducing Campaign Builder

Effortlessly launch multi-channel campaigns using email, social, and more. Just input your business details and marketing objectives into the user-friendly wizard. Campaign Builder is available to all Standard and Premium users. It allows you to assemble tailored marketing assets to meet your goals.


Add your brand look and feel instantly

Want to incorporate your brand elements in your email templates, but short on time? With our new BrandKit feature, just input your website URL and we will pull in your logo and brand colors to apply them to the layout templates you see. Creating branded emails has never been so easy!


Enhanced email customization


Unlocking the footer

Customers can now edit the content within their footer. In a matter of seconds they can update the information and customize the design to match the rest of their email.


More ways to customize your buttons 

Customize the look and feel of your email even further. Change the color, shape, and font of a button with our latest enhancements to the button block.


Maximize your SMS marketing impact


SMS for Sole Proprietors

With SMS marketing, small businesses can reach their target audience instantly, deliver important messages, and drive engagement or sales. We've recently expanded our SMS capabilities and made it possible for businesses without a tax ID (EIN) to register. 


New quiet hours for SMS users

SMS messages can now be sent between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. This time window is based on your local timezone. Before this change, SMS sending hours were 11:00 am Eastern to 8:00 pm Eastern.


Revolutionize your event management


Prevent duplicate event registrations

Prevent duplicate event registrations from the same email address with new options in our event tool. Customers can opt-in to this setting in the form setup step.


Capacity setting for events 

Set an overall capacity for your next event. Previously, customers could only configure ticket quantities available at each ticket level. Now, you can set a max capacity at the event level, across all ticket types.  


Customize tickets to fit your events

Change tickets to registrations, annual memberships, coffee tasting entries, or any term that resonates with your audience. Tickets, add-ons, and code labels can now be edited to better represent a customer’s event.


Streamline your social media with integrated AI content generator


Create social post quickly with AI assistance 

The AI content generator you love is now available directly within the social post editor, making writing content for social media faster and easier! Choose from three post types – announcement, promotion, or reminder – and select your tone. Choose from three caption variations to use as is or adjust as needed.


Maximize engagement with automated messaging for Premium users


Re-engage your contacts through automation

Automatically fire an email or SMS message when a contact's engagement decreases. This feature is available to Premium customers. Just create a custom automation path leveraging this segment membership. 


Send an automation when a form is completed 

Premium customers can now create custom automation paths that begin when someone completes the form on a signup landing page. Now you can customize the experience your new contacts will receive from the moment of sign up.


Updated reports for Lite, Standard and Premium plans


Updated Reports for Lite, Standard and Premium plans

Optimize your marketing by identifying and leveraging new email campaign metrics to grow revenue, improve performance, and monitor engagement. Customers in the Lite plan can now view email performance summary cards, the email marketing funnel, and device breakdowns. Standard and Premium plan users have additional reports that include top and lowest performing campaigns.


Integrations to keep you connected


Auto-sync your contacts with Zoho 

Save time and send more targeted emails when you leverage our new integration with Zoho. Our latest integration allows users to auto-sync contact and lead data into Constant Contact.


Drive more sales with our Squarespace integration

Looking to target your customer communications based on their interaction with your online store? We've recently enhanced our integration with Squarespace to help you drive more sales. Premium users can now build automations based on a contact's purchase activity.


Simplifying your account experiences


Let us guide you through creating your first email

Looking for a friendly guide to help you upload a contact or create your first email? Just go to your homepage (dashboard) to begin a guided experience. Get a quick tour of Constant Contact or let us take you through adding contacts or creating an email, one step at a time. 


Mobile app login made easy

Have you checked out the Constant Contact mobile app recently? We've simplified the app login experience so you can access your account or create a new account faster than ever.


Shop valuable add-on options

Ever wonder what is available and the full breadth of how Constant Contact can help you meet your marketing goals? There is now one place to view all available add-ons and easily make a purchase. To find this new page on, navigate to “Account settings” and select “Add-ons.”




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