What's New in Constant Contact: Spring 2024


What’s New in Constant Contact!

2024 is off to a quick start. With all you have on your plate, it helps to know of the latest changes in Constant Contact that will save you valuable time.




New BrandKit makes email design easier 

Creating professionally branded emails is now easier than ever! With the new BrandKit feature, you just input your website url and we’ll provide templates with your brand colors, logo, and images. All users will have access to BrandKit by mid-April. 


Save your email as a template

Once you build that good-looking email, you may want to reuse it for future emails. Now you can easily save your email as a template. The design will be waiting for you in your “Saved templates” tab the next time you want to apply it to a new email. 


Edit toolbar is now planted in place

Say goodbye to that pesky toolbar that can overlap your workspace. The editing toolbar is now docked at the top of your screen so you can focus on building your email masterpiece! 


No more writer’s block with AI Content Generator 

If writing is not your specialty, no problem.  Just type in a few keywords and let us generate an entire email for you. You can then customize the content and template as much as you need before sending it to your audience.


Enhancements to the editing tool

In the email editor, you’ll find a handful of enhancements, including fun ways to apply color or images to your background design, add a border to any or all sides of your template, and adjust margins.


Staying ahead of new Google and Yahoo requirements

Google and Yahoo threw a fastball to all email marketers at the start of the year. The Constant Contact team quickly addressed the new requirements so it wouldn’t slow you down. You can choose to self authenticate your email domain, or customize  your “from” address by following the prompts on screen. 



Collect event payments with Stripe

Stripe, the much-loved payment processor, is now available in our new event tool. With a secure, 1-click checkout experience, this means fewer drop-offs and increased conversions. Event-related payments can be processed through PayPal or Stripe - your choice! 


Receive notifications for new registrations

Now you can opt-in to receive a notification when someone registers for your event! Each notification email includes the event name, registrant information, order summary, and registrant form responses with a deep link to access the registrant’s order right from the email. 


Check in event guests using ConstantContact 

Have you hosted an event lately? Our updated events experience gives event hosts more flexibility. Easily check in guests when they arrive at your event - directly in Constant Contact


Change event payment status 

For both offline and online payments, you can now manually update the payment status for an order. From the Registration information page, select Manage Registration and choose Update Payment Status to make a change. 


Export more event data

Review event reports to stay on top of your event planning process. Our events tool allows you to export event data as you need it. We’ve recently added more filtering options related to ticket sales, add-on sales, and other payment information.


View event invitees who have declined

Be proactive and improve future attendance at your events when you can view which event invitees have declined your event in real time. Click the Reporting tab on the event dashboard to stay up to date. 


New migration tool makes moving your event easy 

If you haven’t moved over to the new event experience, now’s the time! A new migration tool makes it easy to copy events in the original tool and move it over to the exciting new event management experience. On April 1, 2024, all events in the original tool will be in read-only state, where you can export your historical event data and migrate.  



Updates to streamline the registration process 

Sending a text message is an effective way to ensure your message gets read. But activating your SMS capabilities takes a few steps. We’ve taken a close look at the process and found ways to get you sending your text messages faster. 


Equipping you with the documents you need
We are taking the guesswork out of the SMS registration process by providing templated documents that you can submit for SMS Terms and Conditions and SMS Privacy Policies. 


Grow your SMS opt-in list with an instant landing page

During the SMS registration process Constant Contact will automatically provide you with a sign-up page to begin capturing opt-ins.  


Contact Management 

Segment updates are reflected in real-time (available Standard/ Premium plans)
Things just got a bit more dynamic! Contacts are now added or removed to segments in real time. No more hitting refresh.  


Automations based on triggers (available in Premium plan) 

Apply those real-time segments to create automations. An email or SMS can be triggered as soon as a contact is added to a segment. You can also tag your contacts the moment they take an action by automatically adding or removing tags from a contact when a trigger condition is met.


Add or remove tags automatically  (available in Premium plan)

Tag your contact the moment they take an action. Tags can now be automatically added or removed from a contact when a trigger condition is met.  



Sync your Square contacts  

Connect your Square account to import contacts into Constant Contact. If you plan to send targeted messages, take advantage of the ability to automatically generate lists based on buying behavior. It will save you loads of time down the road. 


Wix in the Automation Path Builder

Wix is now integrated into the Automation Path Builder. When you sync your Wix account with Constant Contact you can use ecommerce templates and send custom campaigns based on shopping behaviors.



Add personality to your posts with GIFs and Emojis

Add more pizazz to your content on social media when you include gifs and emojis in your posts.  


Include Vimeo video in your next social post  

Have a video to share? Include a Vimeo link in your post to drive engagement.  


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