Copying Emails Into Event

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Make copy/paste possible for campaigns.

Why do I always need to recreate the wheel when I don't want to copy a whole event?


It's too hard to add images now.  I try to put a word above an image.  CAN'T.  I try to make an image change size.  CAN'T.



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oh!  Also- would be useful to send a poll/survey as part of an event, instead of having to make a new campaign.


Also- to be able to copy emails from previous campaigns into new campaigns, instead of having to copy the whole campaign.  I only need the email!


re: images.  I am using the link button to add text/images by deleting the link and adding in text and adding in an image.  I learned this from an expert in a chat.  It works, but it shouldn't be this way.  Why not have a design feature for images of various sizes and text to go along with it?  I currently have an itty bitty image in a big block. (!)


I'm not sure why this user name is popping up - hasn't been Paul in 5 yrs!


Thank you.

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ALSO - the images should save the associated websites.  Every time I use a logo image, I would like it to remember the website I previously put in.  THAT WOULD BE GOOD.

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Also - every time I want to add an image, it gets a bug and I have to save/exit and then close and then log back in to add an image.  !!!!

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Hi @gshassociation  thank you for sharing this feedback with us! For copying your event campaign, what exactly are you looking to copy over? Are you looking to re-open previously closed campaigns? Copy aspects from an event registration/landing page into a new event? Copy email invitations from one event to another? As for adding a survey/poll where in your event are you looking for this poll to appear? How would you expect to add this into your campaign? Also, for adding images where in an event campaign are you trying to add images or words above them? What steps are you taking to do edit these images?

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Hello - I'm not sure how to change from Paul on here, my name is Mariel.  Yes, I would like to use invitations from prior campaigns by copying the invitations - the language/image/font/etc.  For a survey/poll - an example is asking for feedback after a conference.  Instead of creating a new campaign for it and then using a link to put it in an email to conference attendees,  a survey/poll could be an email option included in an event.  I am doing images by having to click on the format with links, then I have to delete the links and change it to be images, to macgyver it.  I'm not finding good options for using images.  This was to insert 10 sponsor logos.  

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