Q&A from our "Making Sense of Online Marketing for Restaurants" Webinar


As the currently favored underdog of the small business world, restaurants are infamously adapting, adjusting, and transforming the way that they’ve been doing business with their patrons. From new offerings outside of dine-in experiences to the restructuring of floor plans and limited capacity for customers – restaurants have had to get wildly creative in order to stay open and power into the new year. One of their biggest tools? Their online marketing strategy.


Whether you’re just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for then this session is for you. With our guest expert, Andrew Jaffe of The Rail Media you’ll learn a smarter, more practical approach to building awareness around your business. In this 60 minute session, find out how to maximize your online reach to your existing patrons and to capture the attention of new customers.


 This webinar covers:

  • How people find you online with organic and paid search tools
  • How to set yourself up for success through various digital marketing channels
  • How it all comes together as a digital marketing strategy

Our featured guest expert: Andrew Jaffe is a 25 Year restaurant operations veteran with experience in every level of the industry, from operator to HR professional, from consultant to CFO. He has also worked in virtually every segment from fast casual to fine dining with a special emphasis on thematic dining.

For the past several years Andrew has operated an information network that specifically provides value to the sports themed segment. They provide daily listings of available sports on TV as well as an aggregated knowledge base for operators that want to have access to best practices.



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If we offer our own online ordering program, should we have our restaurant continue to be listed on DoorDash or other dining apps as well? Or is it not beneficial to do both?

This is a difficult conversation. The short of it is, you need to reflect on which option is best for you. If apps are bringing you new clients then it won't hurt except for the high fees you must manage. However, if you are confident that you can build your online ordering as a direct relationship with the client, then you may want to consider not being advertised on the app.


Does Constant Contact allow affiliate marketing?

We do not allow affiliate marketing as it is considered Prohibited Content in our Terms & Conditions.


What are your thoughts about advertising in a local magazine?

This will depend on the theme and distribution of the magazine. Travel guides that are in hotel rooms are a good investment, but a local city magazine is likely an expensive option that will be difficult to connect to any sales growth.


Should our restaurant be using a texting program to engage with our patrons?

Texting is a great way to talk directly with customers, especially for specials and limited time offers. If you use it right, it can be very effective.


When contacts sign up for my list and receive a coupon that I created in my account, are they only able to use a coupon once?

If add a coupon using our coupon Action Block, you can do that, but simply make the expiry date short enough they wouldn't be able to reproduce it easily.


My restaurant is listed under Google My Business. Can I delete the third-party links under the delivery options?

You'll want to follow these steps to get the links removed from your Google My Business listing. (please note that this is a link to a third-party site. Any links we provide from non-Constant Contact sites or information about non-Constant Contact products or services are provided as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement by Constant Contact.)


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