Q&A: Embracing Technology to Save Time and Maximize Your Return


As a small business or nonprofit, there seems to never be enough time, especially when it comes to marketing.


Constant Contact can help. We’ll show you how to embrace the latest digital marketing technology using tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to save time, maximize your return on investment, and become more competitive in a busy marketplace.


You can view the webinar directly through Wistia or right here on the Blog!


What is artificial intelligence and how do I use it in my marketing?

Artificial intelligence uses complex computer programs behind the scenes to automatically make decisions and complete tasks for you like generating content or messages.​ AI is continually learning to analyze data and provide you with better content.


So how do you use AI to market your business? Like building out other parts of your marketing strategy, think about your goals. Then, consider the tasks that need to be done to achieve those goals. Tasks like writing an email, creating a social post, or even sending a text to customers are all great places to start using AI to develop your messaging. Depending on the task, there are opportunities where AI can be included in the process. 

Can AI help me create my emails? I don’t know what to say.

We’ve all struggled with writer’s block. Our built-in AI tools address your needs as a small business marketer. They are a great way to help you break through that barrier or provide some inspiration when you want to promote a sale or maybe announce a new service. When you are creating an email, check out the email content generator and the recommended subject line tool

I’m receiving the same lines over and over again, like “Join us” or “We’re excited to announce…” Any way I can get something fresh?

With our AI content generator, you can click “Show me more options” to generate more content options. The AI tool is a developing technology and we want to hear what you think and how to improve. There is a space for you to give feedback so we can learn more.


There are ways to prevent this type of repeating content as the content you receive from AI is only as good as what you put into it. Your input must be as clear and descriptive as possible, right down to the tone of voice. This will help AI get as close to what you need as quickly as possible.

How does AI work with social media?

By using our social ads tool, AI is used to create ads that target your audiences based on select criteria. With a Facebook ad, you can select to create a Facebook Lookalike Audience that has similarities with your current contact list, or an audience based on the demographics and interests of your choosing. For Google Ads, you’ll choose the ad based on your physical location.



How can AI work for non-profits?

It can help you craft all sorts of messages from writing copy for your appeal letters, crafting ideas for subject lines, and writing messages for your automated emails. The sky is the limit.



How would you recommend using marketing automation for a B2B?

You could use it for nurturing your prospective clients or leads. This is a great opportunity to tell them more about your business and how you can help them, promoting your areas of expertise. You could also create a nurture/onboarding series for these leads. This helps keep you at the top of their mind.


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