Editing feature in email campaigns

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I'm not asking a question - I'm giving feedback. I'm a longtime CC user (since 2008) so I've seen several generations of email editing changes. This latest one is buggy. You have added the copy editing to the top of the section, which I think is great btw. It is easier to see and doesn't cover the copy. BUT - it doesn't always show up.. I will shade over copy with the intent of editing it (adding color, or bold or whatever) and the editing block doesn't show up. And I do it over and over again and it still doesn't show up. I will do a workaround whereby I add a new block of text and cut/paste - doesn't work. I will close out, exit CC and open it again - doesn't work. I will copy another block and drop my copy in there - that's the only way it works. But again, I have to re-edit it all. Am I the only one experiencing this?

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Hello @WestConn0624 ,


Are you actually clicking into the text block prior to highlighting or doing other editing? Or are you immediately going into highlighting sections of text?

William A
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