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Event email invitation issue


I can not figure out how to delete the circled date. It looks like a mistake in my email. There is a date/time block at the bottom so no need for the random looking journal entry date in the email. This also shows up on the landing page. I can't even find this to turn it off in my event so it doesn't sync. Help please. 


Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 9.16.32 AM.png

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Hello @Paula_S ,


At this time, some elements of the event block are considered critical and necessary, and can't be deleted - e.g. the description, the date, and the location. The event block, much like a Read More block, is just built to pull specific information as dictated from the info plugged into an event.


If the default functionality of an event block isn't quite what you'd prefer for your email invites and landing pages, then you can still format these campaigns with regular image, text, and button blocks, and delete the default event block.


For an overview of how the event block works, I'd advise following along with this article. Make sure to check our Events 2.0 FAQ for general guidance and insight on the current event tool.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Similar issue here, for I was just asked by an event planner to remove this date, for they found it confusing and wondered why it didn't include the year. Not being able to delete that one block means I will have to recreate the whole email. 

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