Layouts won't go where I want them in an email

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The Layouts won't drag into an email I am creating in the place where I want them. They will only land at the top or bottom of the content of my email. I just messaged with support and the person I was chatting with had the same issue and didn't seem to understand or provide an answer. Is it a mac issue? I tried using Safari and Chrome. Thanks.

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Hello @Nancy-P2V ,


Keep in mind that some layout blocks are only going to be able to be added to rows on their own. Since they contain multiple columns, or unique setups with borders, images, and text you won't be able to add most of them on to the same row as another block by default.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Is there someplace I might have seen that information? I tried. "some layout blocks are only going to be able to be added to rows on their own." The tutorials I've seen don't say anything to that effect. Thanks.

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