Outer Background Color Won't Change

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When attempting to change the outer background color, the color remains the same. I have attempted to changed the Outer Background by going to Design>Backgrounds & Border and selecting a new color and pattern and nothing happens. The color only changes when I select the pencil "edit" icon in the top left corner of the email. How can I change the outer background to a pattern? Nothing has worked thus far!


Hello @L86804 ,


At this time, if you've used the section editor to overwrite your background formatting, then the Design tab's elements won't be seen. The only way around this is to undo until you get to the point before you applied the section editor's formatting, or to start over with a new copy of the template.


For more info on this, please see this Community post.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Starting over with a copy didn't work but thank you for linking your previous post about this issue. I'm going to try to upload the background as a custom picture as suggested. Hopefully that works. (Fingers crossed)

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