Why did you start your small business?


Tamika Catchings, owner of Tea’s Me Cafe Indy, shed some light on what inspired her decision to start her business. “I didn't get into it to get rich. I got into it because of the community and … to bring people together and build this”, she said.


What inspired you to start your small business?

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I was inspired by reading Thoreau's famous book Walden in which he found his vocation as an author during his time in nature, outside of the hustle & bustle of ordinary life.


Having worked in HR I combined creative writing with vocational exploration in a natural setting to start my business Writes of Passage Retreats.



I love that story, @user617815! Hearing about how small businesses and nonprofits got started and what inspired them, is one of my favorite parts of my job. Inspiration can be pulled from just about anywhere. I tip my hat to the people who create a business with their inspiration We certainly wish you all the success with Writes of Passage Retreats

I liked visiting your website and reading a little bit about Albert Camus.  I resonate with being an "outsider".   I love the idea of going on a wellness retreat!  Must add that to my list of hopes.  Catherine

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We are a local non-profit spiritual, meditation organization which follows the guideline of Self-Realization Fellowship. 
We've used Constant Contact for announcements for over ten years. We do not use its full potential. 


Wow, over 10 years! That's longer than I've worked here @CMG946  We appreciate you as a customer and thank you for sharing. I would recommend giving our awesome support team a call to get you familiar with the other tools we offer. They can also direct you to some resources to help you out get closer to its full potential. 866.289.2101 Mon-Sat. We wish you a successful 2023!



It's great to hear about the inspiration behind Tamika Catchings' small business!

@DashvpopD, Right!?! Tamika is so wonderful, and even more inspiring in person! Every time I've had the opportunity to hear her speak, I am glued to my seat! Now I'm curious, What inspired you to start your business? 


Tamika Catchings' motivation to create a sense of community and unite people through her cafe is truly inspiring.
My desire for greater flexibility and control over my work drove me to start my own small business. I wanted to create something that was indeed my own and had the freedom to pursue my passions and interests in a way that wasn't possible in a traditional job. Starting a business is never easy, but with a proper plan and an advisor (mine is from stephenswmg.com) I managed to do that. What about you guys?

Thank you for sharing your story and sharing your resources @JasmineG7! Tamika is a fantastic human! I agree with you, she is very inspiring How long did it take you to find the right plan and advisor? What tips do you have for a business looking for an advisor? 


After having therapy myself at 25 years of age I decided to train as a hypnotherapist, that was 20 years ago! Since then I have completed a BSc in Psychology and more recently a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I love my work and this week a registered a company name in anticipation of bringing my two passions together. Humanship UK will offer Equine Facilitated Therapy along with 1:1 sessions of Life coaching and Organisational Well-being Consultancy! Exciting times!

That's incredible thank you for sharing! Keep us posted on your journey getting started with your new business.


I am Ms. Cathy, Entrepreneur, Founder & CIO of Preserved Properties, LLC., a real estate related company established in 2013 as a property preservation service company, that transitioned in 2017 into real estate wholesaling services. And since November 2018, has primarily focused on the short-term rental real estate space; currently operating 13 units of my own and co-listing several with property owners.

In 2023, an additional service has been added under the umbrella, BW3 Academy – Be Well, Wealthy & Wise.  The mission is to support professional women entrepreneurs, small business professionals and those intrigued with building wealth through real estate endeavors, but who may lack guidance, resources and capital, to build a 6- figure passive income business through Airbnb, without owning or even renting any property.  The online training system is our Start from Scratch 2.0. A step by step STR8.2CASH Method to start and quickly grow your Airbnb business. All while working on an abundance mindset partnered with wise biblical principles in today’s marketplace!

I love to travel and meet people from around the globe; and truly appreciate the time-freedom and financial independence my Airbnb business has provided. It really has proven to be a consistent six-figure passive income business opportunity and stepping stone to building generational wealth!

@IAmMsCathy, Congratulations on the epic business wins! Thank you for sharing your story as well. Real Estate is one of our larger customer bases that use Constant Contact. What is one piece of marketing advice you would give to someone in Real Estate that's in their first couple years of business? the curious and nervous want to know  

Wishing you continued success Ms. Cathy!

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Hi Everyone! 
My name is Catherine and I am and artist/painter. My website is www.renderedimpressions.com 

I've always wanted to support myself as an artist.  Growing up there were a lot of naysayers that informed me it would be very difficult, if not impossible to be an artist and earn a living.  Inside as a young person I remember feeling in my heart that this didn't feel true - but there it was!  Older more experienced people were telling me this is so.  The culture today still can support this idea of the "starving artist".     As I'm writing this, I think one of the ways I am and have chosen to step out of that way of thinking is to have my art business and a website where I can and do sell my paintings.


I'm continuing to need to learn more about how to grow my business and reach others  by building on the community of collectors I already have.  Honestly this can feel really hard to do.   I take heart in knowing that people need art - it's certainly something that has provided me with hope and a sense of possibility.  There's so much a painting can infuse into a space and environment.  

Lastly, I recognize I've always had an entrepreneurial heart and spirit.  As a child I would make things and sell them.  It was just part of how I needed and wanted to connect with others.   



Your art looks amazing Catherine, I'm so glad you shared your story. 


The city I live in hosts one of the largest annual sculpture festivals in the country, and every year people travel from all over the world with these large heavy metal sculptures to display. They are absolutely captivating and I remember walking around the festival in awe of it all thinking "Wow, I had never consider sculptor as a way to make a living, but look at all of these people here. They're doing it!" 


The world needs more art and I'm glad you're sharing your talent with the world.


Hi, all!  I am starting my business so that I can use the skills I have to spread love and joy to the world.  I am an art business that brings illustration and design to local businesses.

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Great! I just joined here and I have been in business for 4 years now and I have a strong client list but not alot of Appointments. This is my year for a profit. Welcome!


My name is Kory Fann and I am the Reborn Doll Artist behind Pumpkin Doodle Babies located in Southern Illinois. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two little girls who inspire me daily.  My husband is very involved with anything that has a motor and specifically loves painting/restoration.  My first born loves cheerleading and horses. My youngest enjoys baby dolls and coloring. We have a hectic, beautiful life that I love so much!

My grandmother made porcelain dolls for many years.  When I was little, I would stay in the guest bedroom most weekends which was covered in them!  While the other grandkids were afraid of them, I was mesmerized.  Looking back, I don't think I ever realized how much they intrigued me.  I had porcelain play dolls, but I didn't play with them- I wanted them in pristine condition.  And so,  I think making dolls is what I was always meant to do. Toddler/child size dolls remind me most of the porcelain dolls.  I never played with babydolls much.  This is why a lot of my dolls are ‘’dolly’’ with long hair to style.

I became educated on Reborn dolls around February of 2012.  After lots of research, workshops around the States, and many years of trial and error, I  now create beautiful dolls for people all around the world. The thrill of taking a blank vinyl sculpt and transforming it into a work of art will never get old. I am always learning new techniques and I love working with people to create their perfect vision of a doll.

Although two babies may have the same features, they never look exactly alike. Each and every reborn is truly unique and one of a kind. I hope you find my shop helpful and get an idea of my reborning style and technique.





My name is Busayo Ola Ajayi and I am the Founder and Chief People Strategist for SyzyGen. 


We believe that when people are aligned with their company's values and objectives, they can work towards achieving their full potential. Our team is committed to working closely with our clients to help them create a productive and positive work environment that drives growth and success. We're focused on building strategic relationships between people, and processes to deliver intentional results with purpose.


With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, she is a fierce catalyst for supporting businesses in creating strategies focused on aligning businesses' people with the organization's purpose. Busayo founded SyzyGen to partner with forward-thinking businesses in order to peel back the curtain, have those impactful – and sometimes difficult – conversations, and be a partner in creating operational excellence by aligning business and people strategies.

I have spent the last 15 years partnering with senior leaders across a myriad of industries and through my company believe that we can drive impact with intentional focus on our people


Check us out at https://www.syzygen.co 

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I worked for a great company for 20 years, P&G, but I have always been inspired by my Dad.  He started his own business in his mid 40s, and although it was challenging to do that he and my mother together built a thriving motivational speaking/consulting firm from scratch!  He had three kids in college, and was fearless.  He is now 89 years old and suffering from Parkinson's which leaves him unable to speak, which was his superpowers.  He is my role model and I knew one day I would have my own business.


In 2005 my husband and I decided to take that same leap of faith and buy a cookie company called Blue Chip Cookies.  They were selling due to many franchises were closing in the big malls due to rent.  My husband and I though saw this thing called the internet that created a whole new opportunity.  It was a huge risk, but slowly we have built it through the ecommerce and corporate business, and now licensing to small owners that want to serve Blue Chip Cookies.  We made major changes and the Blue Chip Cookie Company celebrated 40 years in March. We have 9 locations, with 4 more planned for this year.  Our online business increased 5X and corporate business has grown 4X.  


Everyday I wake up, I am excited about the business, because everyone loves cookies and just like my Dad started his business from scratch...we do that everyday.  Constant Contact has been instrumental in our growth over the years and is our top marketing tool.

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