Constant Contact API V1 “The remote server returned an error: (504) Gateway Timeout.”

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We have already successfully developed against Version 1 of the API before and were using that former code as a template for this new algorithm. But we have run into problems with this implementation for reasons we can’t discern.


Currently we can create a list of contacts (for each campaign) without issue but when it comes to the API call (to create the specific campaign specifically) we get this nebulous “The remote server returned an error: (504) Gateway Timeout.”


EmailCampaign campaign = null;



                campaign = ConstantContactUtility.CreateNewEmailCampaign(ConstantContactConfig.AuthenticationData, createCampaign(name, subject, htmlContent, textContent, contacts));


            catch (Exception x)



We've submitted an email to Webservices support 10 days ago but have had no response. Can't understand if the same api call works over there why not over here?

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