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I have created a campaign via the online GUI that has scheduled emails over a period of days.  I want to be able to use it as a template I can copy, add an email address and schedule.  The only info I found in the community on this is 5 years old, so maybe there is a feature now in the API.  That is, can I do a GET on a campaign, change the name only and then do a POST with the response data from the GET where only the name is changed?  Then do a PUT on the new campaign created for the email to use and a POST to schedule it?

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Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Developer Support and for your patience. My team is here to assist outside software developers with questions about building into Constant Contact's API.


It looks like we've already followed up with you directly via email, but here is the information provided for visibility on the forum:


Based on what you described it sounds like you're utilizing an Automated Campaign which sends to contacts anytime they're added to a particular list. When it comes to Automated Campaigns there isn't a way to create, copy, or edit them through our API at this time but that is a feature we're looking into implementing in the future, we just don't have a time frame when that would be available.


Just to confirm, it sounds like you want to be able to utilize those Automated Campaigns and customize it based on the contacts. If that's the case, you could keep the same Automated Campaign and perhaps use dynamic contact fields to automatically generate contact's information in those emails.


If so, below is a link to documentation on Creating and Manage Custom Contact Fields



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