Creating an ongoing Opt In Campaign

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I am interested in purchasing opt-in users for my email list. These users will be presented with an Ad to join my newsletter, on a 3rd party website (co-regstration). The user will specifically be presented with the question, "Do you want to sign up to newsletter

X'," so I believe that falls within the Terms and Conditions of Constant Contact. 


In the past, I have used a pre-ping URL and a post URL to accomplish this. First the 3rd party would use the pre-ping URL to ping my system to see if an email address already exists. If it does not (returns a specific response), then they would then use the post URL to send the opt-in user information directly into my database, which then would then trigger my first welcome email to that user. 


I know I'm getting the user's consent to email them, but obviously I can't apply a plugin to this 3rd party website's sign up form. Does anyone have any experience maybe using the API to accomplish what I'm looking to do?

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Hi @BrendanC787!


To close the loop on this post, I saw that you also contacted us via email with some additional details (including your API key and account information), and I've replied to that email. If you have any follow up questions, please reply directly to the email chain.



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