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Developer working with API, need to test "schedule" function

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Hi! I am a developer supporting some clients using Constant Contact. I have my own "Free" constant contact account to do testing while I'm developing/debugging (before I deploy to my clients). I would like to test something based a a campaign being 'scheduled'. But unfortunately, I cannot make a scheduled campaign (it requires an upgrade). Please kindly consider allowing limited access to "premium features" like scheduling a campaign.....for developers. Perhaps you could do it based on a threshold of "less than 10 subscribers" or something. Or with auto-populated content (that we cannot that it's clear we are not going to abuse the premium features). Thanks!

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My name is Caleb and I am a member of Constant Contact's API Developer Support.


Upon reviewing your account it appears that you are already making use of our non-expiring trial accounts which are meant for developers to use as a testing environment. I have also found that your account has only sent to 10 out of the total allowance of 100 contacts. Based on this, your account should still be capable of scheduling campaigns and does not require any type of an upgrade.


Are you receiving any type of an error message when attempting to schedule campaigns through the API or are you attempting to schedule these through the user interface directly? If you are receiving an error message while attempting to schedule through the API then please be sure to follow up with us by sending an email to '' with any example payloads as well as any example error messages that you are receiving. If you are receiving the error message while scheduling through the site itself then please refer to our support team at 866-289-2101.


Caleb A.
API Support Specialist

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