How to implement reCAPTCHA on a custom signup form without using WordPress plugin?

Already have a custom Constant Contact signup form working reliably in the field. At this point, it has to be extended to use Google reCAPTCHA.
  1. Where can Constant Contact API documentation be found for developers who want to built custom sign up forms be found?

  2. How to implement reCAPTCHA on a hand made constant contact signup form that is hosted on WordPress without using  Constant Contact Forms plugin.

  3. How should developers provide the secret API key to Constant Contact without using your WordPress Plugin? Already have my own Google reCAPTCHA API and SECRET keys for this project. Ready to implement.
Worried about replacing the current forn with Constant Contact Forms plugin for WordPress because the graphical layout, whitespace and position of the HTML5 form elements migth change at the website. Due to the black box nature of most WordPress plugins it might not be easy to recreate the current layout and move elements back to their orginal position on the page. Also the Constant Contact Forms plugin for WordPress is not highly rated by other customers.
Any clues appreciated. Thank you.
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