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Need advice re API set up

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I'm a consultant working on my client's account and running into issues with establishing an API that will work with a reconstruction of the client's website.

The client had an older website that was originally built back in the era where there was a now non,non-supported plugin that connected to Constant Contact - but did not need/use an API.

Fast forward to now, I'm reconstructing/modernizing the client website on a staging area and need to get an API established to connect Constant contact to the client website.

I have gone through the docs for doing this -- managed to get the API established with the proper codes -- and used the API codes on the staging website application. On the back end of the staging site, it 'seems' the API connects and establishes itself.

However, when testing the front facing application and entering an email and then clicking to connect to Constant Contact, the front facing view says 'please wait' -- and never resolves.

I contacted Constant Contact web-services for help -

and they sent this info --


"The only thing you need to worry about between environments is that the Access Token you are using is for the Constant Contact account, and you may need to change the redirect_uri depending on how the integration is set up.

The redirect_urL is a setting you can find when logging in to your Mashery account."

This information did not seem very clear -- but I thought perhaps they mean that instead of using the URL of the live website, which is attached to the client Constant Contact account -- maybe in the API setup I need to reference the staging site URL where WebServices says
"you may need to change the redirect_urL depending on how the integration is set up."

So I tested out changing the redirect URL to be the staging site URL, instead of the live site URL.

However this did not result if anything different happening with the staging site front facing view --- when testing, it will end up saying 'please wait' and never actually connect to the Constant Contact account.

Is there some better instructions on how to set up an API and get it to work for each a staging site -- and then for the live site, once testing has been completed on staging?

Thank you in advance.

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