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New PHP Library for V3 API is now available!

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Seeing that Constant Contact is no longer supporting specific language API wrappers, and also seeing that there are no good V3 API wrappers on, I decided to write one.


Please check it out at  You can also view the complete source code and documentation at


It is a full implementation of the Constant Contact V3 API and updated nightly with any changes that are made to the YAML file.


If you run into any issues, please submit an issue or pull request at


Hope this helps everyone.


It would also be possible to support other languages if someone wants to do a port to C#, Python, Ruby, etc.  Basically you would just need to rewrite the code generator to output another language and then implement a new Client and Base class. 

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Hello WCCGoldenApple,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Developer Support.


As you may know, the request for official V3 application code samples is still under review, as we're currently still adding endpoints and capabilities to the V3 API, and Constant Contact does not plan to publish any official SDKs or sample apps until that process is complete.


In the meantime though, we appreciate you sharing this valuable resource that you have compiled and opted to share!


Courtney E.
Tier II API Support Engineer

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Brand Visionary

Glad to help and I hope it helps someone.  Certainly easier to use a library than figure it all out from scratch.


I did notice in the YAML file you have a few typos!  Change <a/> to </a> globally in the YAML file and you should be good.  A developer can do this in about 1 minute.  You can see the issue here: Account Emails get documentation error The problem is in the documentation for the get method.  The link is not terminated correctly, so continues on.


And feel free to use this library as a basis for yours, or just send people to mine.  It will save you a lot of PHP support questions!

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