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Retirement of Legacy Events tool


Constant Contact has rebuilt and redesigned our events marketing tool!


Our new events tool is being referred to as "Events 2.0", and we're now referring to the long-standing tool as "Legacy Events". Our Legacy Events tool is in the process of being retired, which has been communicated to Constant Contact users who were actively utilizing the tool, with the following timeline:

  • On April 1st, 2024, existing legacy events became "read-only." It is no longer possible to create new legacy events or use the copy functionality for existing legacy events.
  • Effective June 1st, 2024, the Legacy Events tool will be retired from our product completely.


The event management endpoints available via our v2 API only support the Legacy Events tool. The v2 API itself has been considered a legacy tool for several years, and as such, has not received development related to new Constant Contact tools or features.


Any POST or PUT requests made to Events endpoints via our v2 API currently return an HTTP 400 response, with the error key "http.status.gone". Effective June 1st, GET requests made to v2 API Events endpoints will return the same error response.



We plan to add event management endpoints to the v3 API, supporting the Events 2.0 tool only, however a specific timeline for the new endpoints is not yet available. Information on any new endpoints will be added to the Release Notes section of our v3 API documentation.



Information about the differences between the two tools and the retirement of Legacy Events can be found in these articles from our Knowledge Base & Community:


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