Salesforce/Constant Contact free Integration - Missing Salesforce IDs

Hello, I'm attempting to use the standard Integration offered by Constant Contact to connect with Salesforce for a Client that I have called Martin's Point (they already have a paid account). I have several questions about the integration - things that are not working as expected. First question: When I import via Contact List or Lead List, the Salesforce ID does not populate on the Contact in Constant Contact. Can you help me understand why? NOTE: When I import via Campaign List, the Salesforce ID does populate. Attempts to get support so far: 1. I have connected with my Customer Success Manager for my Client, who directed me to Premier Support. 2. I scheduled a meeting with Premier Support, they declined the meeting, directing me to call Premier Support and request to be transferred to Tier 2 right away. 3. I called Premier Support and asked to be transferred to Tier 2. Premier Support was not able to get Tier 2 on the phone but created a case for me saying that a Tier 2 rep would call me back within 24 hours. 4. A Tier 2 rep returned my call and I began explaining my issue. They were not able to understand what a Salesforce ID was and were struggling to understand my question. They indicated that they could not help me and referred me to this help site and gave me an email for the API team for support.

I should have also mentioned that I've carefully studied the help article regarding the Salesforce integration. It does not have the level of detail that I need to answer this question above.  Should I post the rest of my questions here? Or should I create a new community post for each question?

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