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Unknown Date/Time Error when creating an Email Campaign Activity Schedule

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Hello, I was recently in contact with the Constant Contact support line and they pointed me toward this address for API/developer-related issues. I am trying to connect my Zapier automation to Constant Contact but I keep receiving this error message (that I've rigorously tried figuring out): "Campaign Email Schedule Date is null or empty, please include a valid schedule date with this request" I've tried many times using correct ISO-8601 format, and I've also tried just using "0" (with and without quotations) to perform this POST action but the error keeps happening. Another possibility of this issue is ensuring if the email campaign that the activity ID I am pointing to does not have the "primary_email" role, but I am unsure how to create a campaign that does so. I included the exact output from Zapier below with the error message. Please let me know what I should do or if you have any suggestions, thank you. request request Request Method method POST Request Url url Request Querystring querystring headers headers Request Headers Content Type Content-Type application/json Request Body body {"scheduled_date_time":"\"0\""} data data Request Data Scheduled Date Time scheduled_date_time "0" response response Response Status status 400 headers headers Response Body body [{"error_key":"","error_message":"Campaign Email Schedule Date is null or empty, please include a valid schedule date with this request"}] data data 1 0 error_key error_key error_message error_message Campaign Email Schedule Date is null or empty, please include a valid schedule date with this request
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Hello @TylerA400,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Developer Support.


I can confirm that, at least for the example given, there isn't an issue with the campaign_activity_id you're using - the referenced activity does have the primary_email role. The issue instead appears to be with the name of the property in your request body. The property name should be "scheduled_date", rather than "scheduled_date_time". If you still experience issues after modifying the property name, please let us know.



Aarron G.
API Support Engineer
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