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V2 custom fields

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We have built an integration using your V2 services.  Our program creates and updates contacts.  The program creates and updates "common" fields like email and first name.  We have also implemented eight custom fields.  We have come to learn that when creating/updating these custom fields using the API we MUST name these fields "Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, etc.".  This is not helpful to our marketing users that administer campaigns and create customer facing Constant Contact forms.  We need the label for "Custom Filed 1" to be "System ID" (for example).  Something meaningful.  When we go in and "Manage Custom Fields" and I change "Custom Field 1" to "System ID" I made an assumption that this would change the label but the just maybe the ID behind the scenes remained "Custom Field 1".  Unfortunately the next time out integration updates an existing contact or creates new contact the Constant Contact UI for the contact displays "Custom Field 1" AND "System ID" with the same value.


Is there a different way to work with this than we currently are via the v2 API?

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