error saying custom field is missing, but it is in my code

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Im getting this error , my code below shows I am entering the custom field id


    "error_key": "contacts.api.validation.error",
    "error_message": " is missing"
"email_address": "",
"first_name": "John",
"last_name": "Smith",
"update_source": "Account",
"list_memberships": [
"custom_fields": [
                      "custom_field_id": "72e8a1ca-48ac-11ec-a37a-fa163eae0edb",
                      "Value": "11518"
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Hello @AndreaL3758,

This post appears to be following up on your previous post, found here:

Thank you for providing the full error response you're receiving. The error is consistent with the solution provided in the other thread. For reference, I'm including that solution here:

@John__B wrote:

The full format of the error is "custom_fields.{custom field name} is missing". In this instance, the name of the custom field associated with the custom_field_id you provided is "id". Based on the request body you provided it looks like the error is being caused by the “value” property being capitalized in your request when our system is expecting the property in lower case. I am including documentation on the full request which includes a body sample below:


PUT (update) a Contact:!/Contacts/putContact

Please have a look and let us know if you have any other questions!


Aarron G.
API Support Engineer
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