#16 - Email Marketing Made Easy with Ken Countess


Email marketing is the backbone of any digital strategy — a tried and true way to reach customers. And the best part is, you don’t have to get overly advanced to see results.
Email marketing coach Ken Countess says what works best for his clients is keeping it simple.
“People don’t scroll. Don’t sweat this idea that you don’t have enough content to go on,” he says. “Keep your brand up front. Make sure you're top of mind. Give them enough that they look forward to the next email they get from you.”
Through his consulting business, Ken is Email, Ken has coached clients in email marketing for 22 years. He’s also a Constant Contact Certified Partner. His top advice always centers around simplicity and sticking to what works.
“Everything takes time,” he says. “Be great at what you do. And once you're great at what you do that will give you permission to try something else. But don't steer away from the things that are working. They're working for a reason.”
On this episode of Be a Marketer, Ken and host Dave Charest discuss why email should be the first go-to for a marketing strategy, Ken’s accidental journey to becoming a business owner, and how he coaches clients on email marketing.
Meet Today’s Guest: Ken Countess of Ken is Email
What Ken does: Ken has been an email marketing coach for 22 years through his consulting business Ken is Email. He focuses on B2B companies and is a Constant Contact Certified Partner.
💡 Key quote from Ken: “​​I know for a fact that I've taught over 10,000 business owners how to use digital marketing. And most of it starts with email.”
👋 Where to find Ken: LinkedIn
👋 Where to find Ken is Email: Website | Podcast | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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