#31 - Build Lasting Connections by Hosting Events with Jesus Flores


If you're looking for ways to build community around your business, consider running an event. It’s a great way to connect with customers, other businesses, and community members.
As Jesus Flores, a product manager at Constant Contact focusing on the Events tool, tells us, an event doesn’t have to be a massive production like a concert or gala. He encourages business owners to start small, try things out, and focus on the purpose. 
“As an organization, you have this purpose that you're aiming to serve or this need that you're aiming to fill,” he says. “How can you bring some of that to consumers in more of a way than just selling your products or your services?”
This is where events fit in nicely, allowing you to humanize your business and bring people together.
On this episode of the Be a Marketer Podcast, host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, talks to Jesus about how Constant Contact can help you execute the three stages of an event. They also discuss how to attract customers to your events and keep them coming back and what updates Constant Contact customers can expect to the Events tool in the near future.
Meet Today’s Guest: Jesus Flores
What he does: Jesus Flores is a product manager with Constant Contact who focuses on the Events tool. He works directly with customers to better understand their unique challenges and use cases regarding events.
💡 Key quote: “I think events are often looked at as something that only specific types of businesses might be able to leverage. The truth is that events are really a way to get engaged with your community and bring them into your business model.”
👋 Where to find him: LinkedIn
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