#52 - Growing with Your Business with Corissa Saint Laurent


For Corissa Saint Laurent, building relationships, understanding your audience, and leveraging email marketing are key ingredients for success.
And when it comes to growing along with your business, it’s all about focusing on activities that align with your skills and passions while delegating tasks that fall outside your expertise.
"The goal should be to get to a place where you use your time doing the things you should be doing. Avoid the things that aren't in your skillset or that you're not passionate about," says Corissa. 
On this episode, Corissa and host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, delve into the art of building relationships, understanding your audience, and the significance of marketing in connecting with customers. 
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Meet Today’s Guest: Corissa Saint Laurent, speaker, podcaster, and retreat leader
🎧  What she does: Corissa is a professional speaker, podcaster, and retreat leader. She not only helps businesses grow, but she also helps its people grow along with it. As host of The Everyday Mystic, she delivers practical spiritual guidance for a life of greater meaning, higher purpose, and true joy.
💡 Key quote: “The more you can provide value to your customers, build those relationships, and ultimately build loyalty. Those people become promotional agents for you. They're talking about you to others.”
👋 Where to find her: Website | Podcast | LinkedIn | Instagram
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