#37 - What You Can Do to Avoid the Junk Folder With Jon Marburger and Tara Natanson


Your email’s journey to the customer’s inbox isn’t magic — it’s intentional. Constant Contact has email deliverability experts working behind the scenes to keep your special message out of the dreaded spam folder. But in addition to our technical crew, you, as the sender, can make certain shifts to increase your email’s deliverability.
Constant Contact’s Jon Marburger, Director of Email Deliverability, and Tara Natanson, Manager of Deliverability for ISP Relations, together have 31 years of experience in the email industry. Their biggest advice? Pay attention.
Metrics and unsubscribe comments can help you understand who’s reading your emails, as well as who’s leaving and why.
“The most underutilized part of our product is the opt-out comments,” says Tara. “People unsubscribe and leave you a message about why. You should really be looking at those. They are super enlightening.”
On this episode of the Be a Marketer Podcast, host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, talks to Jon and Tara about other Constant Contact features that can help with your email deliverability. They cover the Gmail Promotions tab and its undeserved bad rap, technical ways to get higher open and click rates, and why you should avoid single-image emails.
Meet Today’s Guests: Jon Marburger and Tara Natanson of Constant Contact
What Jon does: Jon is the Director of Email Deliverability at Constant Contact.
💡 Key quote: “Listening to what your customers are telling you — even if it's a negative data point, giving the opportunity to indicate why they chose to unsubscribe — that's really important.”
👋 Where to find him: LinkedIn
What Tara does: Tara is the Manager of Deliverability and ISP Relations at Constant Contact.
💡 Key quote: “While it can be hard to see people leave, or to watch your list get smaller, having a smaller, more engaged list is way better for your deliverability than having a huge list that has a very low number of opens and clicks.” 
👋 Where to find her: LinkedIn
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