#41 - Taking a Leap of Kindness with Todd Shimkus and Maggie Fronk


2024 is one of those special years that gives us an extra day—and this Leap Day, Todd Shimkus and Maggie Fronk want you to do something kind for someone else. 
Todd, the president of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, started Leap of Kindness Day in 2016 to support local impact-sector organizations. The premise is simple: Use February 29 to do something kind for someone else. 
That simple idea has catalyzed a worldwide movement, with communities around the United States and beyond running their own Leap of Kindness Day efforts. Maggie has seen the power of this simple call to action firsthand as CEO of Wellspring, the domestic violence and sexual assault services resource for Saratoga County. 
On the first episode of Be a Marketer for 2024, Todd and Maggie join host Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact, to share how Leap of Kindness Day works and how others can take part. 
Tune in to learn how their organizations use Constant Contact to support businesses and nonprofits in Saratoga County and champion important causes through Leap of Kindness Day—and every day. 
👉 Learn more about Leap of Kindness Day and how you or your organization can get involved.
Meet Today’s Guests: Todd Shimkus of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and Maggie Fronk of Wellspring
What Todd does: Todd is the president of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, overseeing an organization that supports more than 2,700 businesses in the region. 
💡 Key quote: “Think about somebody that’s done something special for you in your life. And on February 29, as part of Leap of Kindness Day, do something kind for them.” 
👋 Where to find him:  LinkedIn | Instagram | X, formerly known as Twitter
👋 Where to find the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube
What Maggie does: Maggie is the CEO of Wellspring, a Saratoga County nonprofit that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and engages the community to end relationship and sexual abuse. 
💡 Key quote: “The more we are given opportunities to help others, to see the good, to do the good, to be recipients of somebody else’s kindness we never expected, the more we make a great community, and the more we feel better about this life.” 
👋 Where to find her: LinkedIn
👋 Where to find Wellspring: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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