#5 - Imposter Syndrome and Defining Your Brand Story with Dave Gerhardt


Striking out on your own after years in the corporate world is scary. But for a marketing guru like Dave Gerhardt, that transition was a little less daunting. All he needed was the right story.
Dave’s online community, Exit Five, helps B2B marketers unlock the secrets of the industry — and according to him, it all starts with the brand story. Specifically, he recommends asking yourself, “What are you looking to do and for whom?
Dave joins Constant Contact’s Director of Small Business Success and host, Dave Charest, to share his top gems from his storied career in marketing. 
Listen in as Dave Gerhardt walks you through building a marketing plan from a story, overcoming imposter syndrome, and setting goals for success — even when you’re your own boss. 
Meet Today’s Guest: Dave Gerhardt of Exit Five

What he does: Dave is a former marketing executive and now founder of Exit Five, an online community of B2B marketers. 
💡 Key quote: “You can’t do great marketing without a strong connection to the product that you're building and the customer that you're serving.”
👋 Where to find him: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Podcast

👋 Where to find Exit Five: Website | Twitter | Podcast

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