#6 - Packing Your Bench for Success with Scharrell Jackson


Sometimes, the security of the corporate world wins over striking out on your own. For Scharrell Jackson, a single mom of three, that was true. 
But after years of working for one company at a time, Scharrell decided she was ready to share her gifts with more businesses. In the last year, she fully leaned into her consulting business and keynote speaking. And just like how she encourages business leaders, Scharrell took the time to reflect on her ideal destiny. 
“You need to get clear on what your destiny is — your end game. That is different from your goals. Oftentimes, we lead our lives based on transactions, as opposed to really lining your life up with what your goals are, in alignment with your destiny for your life,” Scharrell says.
On this episode of Be a Marketer, Scharrell and host Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, talk about getting clarity on your marketing strategy, segmenting audiences, and making the most of analytics.
Tune in to hear how to get clear on your destiny, pack your bench for success, and not only get to the championship game, but win it, too. 
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Meet Today’s Guest: Scharrell Jackson of STJ Consulting Services and Leadership in Heels

What she does: Scharrell is an experienced organizational and financial executive, consultant, and keynote speaker. From small businesses to multimillion-dollar companies, she helps business leaders of all sizes. Scharrell especially enjoys working in diversity, equity, and inclusion, women’s issues, and leadership spaces.
💡 Key quote: “Make sure that you have individuals on your bench that can fill in the gaps that you can't. You're one person and you cannot do it all. The goals and objectives that you have for your business are attainable if you have the right people walking alongside you.”

👋 Where to find her: Website | LinkedIn

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