#61 - Putting People First with Rich Cruz


How can you amplify your marketing plan? Start by looking at what’s worked in the past.
Rich Cruz consults for e-commerce business Luck Shop, the largest and most comprehensive Mojo store in the Midwest. When he first worked with Luck Shop, he was maximizing their SEO through their website. Then, his focus was good customer data. 
“It's a people-first approach. Get to know the person that you're going after and create those personas based on that,” Rich says. “What would your ideal customer look like? What's their communication style? Where are they hanging out? What do they like?”
Then Rich focused on making sure Luck Shop’s email list had integrity, meaning customers had really opted in. From there, it’s all a matter of analyzing what works and replicating those results. 
On this episode of the Constant Contact podcast, Be a Marketer, Rich and hosts Dave Charest, Director of Small Business Success at Constant Contact, and Kelsi Carter, Brand Production Coordinator at Constant Contact, share the marketing strategies that have worked well for Luck Shop.
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Meet Today’s Guest: Rich Cruz with Luck Shop

What he does: Rich is a consultant helping companies improve their marketing strategy. He looks at historical data, Google Analytics, and customer demographics to figure out how to best promote products. He uses Constant Contact for email marketing and SMS campaigns. 
💡 Key quote: “The [email] list is critical. That’s what drives a lot of our commerce. We just get a lot of direct hits from the email. People look forward to it, and boom, they go right into it. We've also segmented out to like some of our best customers, and some people who haven't bought it for a while and try to regenerate sales from them.”
👋 Where to find him: Website | LinkedIn
👋 Where to find Luck Shop: Website | Instagram 

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