#8 - Sticking to the Basics With Frank Fantasia


Ah, the snowbird life. It’s a great luxury if you can come by it, but there’s always a house somewhere that sits empty. And with that long-empty house comes inherent security and maintenance risks. 
That’s where Frank Fantasia found the sweet spot for his retirement business, The House Watchers. Serving the greater Boston area, he and his small team identify security threats and maintenance needs for the vacant homes left behind by snowbirds and help homeowners take steps to protect them. 
Frank relies on Constant Contact for his marketing, and he’s willing to try anything. He’s taken advantage of its email, dedicated landing pages, and surveys. Recently, Frank even started using Constant Contact’s text messaging feature to reach the realtors on his list. 
Tune in as Frank chats with Constant Contact’s Director of Small Business Success, Dave Charest, about his lessons in business, and how he uses Constant Contact and more traditional marketing methods to spread the word about The House Watchers.
Meet Today’s Guest: Frank Fantasia of The House Watchers

What he does: After a corporate career, Frank started The House Watchers as a retirement job. The company helps snowbirds find peace of mind while they’re away from their Boston-area homes and also helps realtors with required smoke detector checks.
💡 Key quote: “I know why small businesses go out of business. For a lot of obvious issues, you can't take your eye off the ball. You’ve just got to stick to the basics and can't be pie in the sky. It's not something that happens overnight. You build the business one client at a time.”
👋 Where to find him: LinkedIn

👋 Where to find The House Watchers: Website | Facebook

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