#45 - Building Trust Through Stories with Brad Sundberg

If you ask Brad Sundberg, storytelling is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to build trust. Brad shares his experience of using personal storytelling to promote events based on his time in the studio with Michael Jackson. He believes that sharing stories, especially about personal experiences, helps to establish connections with customers. 

#44 - Ask Dave: How can I engage faculty to come to higher ed instructional technology webinars?

Wondering how to get faculty to attend your webinars? In this episode, Dave Charest provides detailed strategies on audience understanding, creating engaging content, effective promotion, and collecting feedback. 

#43 - Creating Subject Lines that Get Opens with Jay Schwedelson

Jay Schwedelson has had an interest in direct marketing since he was a five-year-old watching his parents’ direct mail business. Today, he’s one of the internet’s top email marketing experts, but the thing he loves most about email is that you don’t need to be an expert to do it well. 

#42 - Ask Dave: I created a Sign-up Landing Page - where and how do I share it?

In this episode of the "Be a Marketer" podcast, Dave Charest discusses the benefits of using sign-up landing pages and provides tips on how to effectively promote them in person, in print, and online.

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