Animated GIFs for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Adding an animation to your email marketing campaign helps it to stand out in the inbox. If you use Constant Contact (and if you're reading this chances are you do!) you have access to certain animated templates. Searching "Animated" in our template picker will display your options. 



Here are a few other animated templates available for purchase. Not interested in using an animated template and wondering if you have any other options?


Enter the humble GIF!


GIFs were born in the wild 'n woolly 1990s and have done a lot of growing up since then. Using GIFs in your email body entertains your readers and serves to express how you feel about something. You'll find them all over social media. They can be a cheeky and lighthearted way to spruce up an email, or they can convey more serious matters. Whatever you're trying to express you can be sure there's a GIF for that. GIFs display across many different email clients.


We created GIFs that our customers can use in their email marketing newsletters across a wide array of industries and that are fitting for the season. Right-click the GIFs and save them to use in your emails! We'll be adding more GIFs to this post as they're created (Bookmark this page and check back on a weekly basis!) 

vintage flowers.gifMarch-Newsletter.gif











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