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Constant Contact Forms for Wordpress


Constant Contact Forms makes it fast and easy to capture visitor information right from your WordPress site. Whether you’re looking to collect email addresses, contact info, event sign-ups, or visitor feedback, you can customize your forms with data fields that work best for you. Best of all, this plugin is available to all WordPress users, even if you don’t have a Constant Contact account.


Constant Contact Forms allows you to:

  • Create forms that are clear, simple, and mobile-optimized for every device.
  • Choose forms that automatically select the theme and style of your WordPress site.
  • Customize data fields, so you can tailor the type of information you collect.

BONUS: If you have a Constant Contact account, all new email addresses that you capture will be automatically added to the Constant Contact email lists of your choosing. Not a Constant Contact customer? Sign up for a Free Trial right from the plugin.


Constant Contact Forms requires a PHP version of 5.4 or higherand a WordPress version 4.0.0+. You will not be able to use if on a lower version. Talk to your system administrator or hosting company if you are not sure what version you are on.


Want to get more information?  Take a look at our listing in the Wordpress plugin directory or the Constant Contact Marketplace.  Need some help with setup? Take a look at our FAQ here and see some screenshots below.  


Once you install the plugin, from your Dashboard, you will need to add a new form. Take a look at all of your different options: 




Here is an example of a basic form added to a page:  




Tell us what you think in the comments below!  


Is this the only way to get the sign up form on a Wordpress site? the embed code won't load on a page on its own, but it loads in a social widget we have on our homepage -> http://www.institute.org


Is using this plugin the only way I can create a landing page for the signup form?

Occasional Participant

Is it possible to turn off email notifications on form capture?


Hello @ForFamilyHealth


I apologize for the delay in our response. This plugin was created specifically for people using Wordpress, so it may be a better option for your site. Have you tried the plugin? Since I am not familiar with Wordpress, I cannot tell you why the embed code will not work on a landing page. The only tidbit I have heard from others is that you will need to have a plugin installed that allows you to add/edit HTML; however, since you have the code in your social widget I am assuming you have something similar to that currently. I am sorry we could not be of more assistance. Hopefully, the plugin mentioned above will help. 


 Hello @LisaB57


I do not see a way to turn off the email notifications at this time. This functionality was set because the plugin can be used if someone does not have a Constant Contact account, with the email being the only notification of sign ups. I would recommend posting this as feedback in the support forums on WordPress so that our development team can track the requests for changing this feature. 

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How does the plugin decide what address to send the notification to?



Hello @LisaB57,


Great question. I found some info in our FAQ - Sounds like it is the email address associated with your WordPress Admin account.


"When someone uses your form to sign-up for your list, they will automatically be added to the Constant Contact list you designated. If you don't have a Constant Contact account, this plugin will send an email directly to you when someone subscribes. Your WordPress admin must set up email functionality on your WordPress server to use this feature.


If you're having issues receiving a general email about sign-ups, check your WordPress settings. Login to WordPress and go to General > Settings to check your email settings."


Let us know if this helps or not.

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In the edit form screen which your plugin provides, I see a dropdown for 'add subcriber to'. The dropdown is populated with my constant contact lists. this tells me that the plugin is successfully connected to conctant contact. When I use the form to add an email, after hitting submit, I get a green box saying that my submission was successful, but the email address doesn't get added to my constant contact list.




Hello @LisaB57 ,


Sorry to hear about this. I looked in your account and noticed that it looks like contacts have been getting added to your account via the plugin. I would like to test this and see what I can find. Please email us the link to where I can sign-up (to check) and an example contact you tried to add, to Social_Support(at)ConstantContact(dot)com. We will be sure to research this and correspond with you.

Jeff Ward
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Is there any way to get the labels to move to the top of the fields?


Hello Jeff Ward,


Thank you for your inquiry on the Wordpress plugin. I apologize if I am misunderstanding but you are asking if there is a way to put the labels at the top of the fields, correct? Reviewing the final look of the sign-up form it appears that the labels automatically appear above the fields already. If you could elaborate more and possibly provide a screenshot of what you are referencing we can investigate and get you the best answer. Feel free to reach out to us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post.


Is the Wordpress form compatible with Macintosh?


 Hello @MarkM5718,


Great question! The Wordpress form is compatible with the Wordpress desktop program, which is available for Macintosh. As long as you have the application on your computer you will be able to integrate the plugin.


We're getting a lot of signups without the first and last name. They are required so I'm wondering why they are coming through without that info. I tested it myself and it did go through without the required first & last name. Is anyone lse having this issue? Also what do you reocmmend as a fix?


I have the form in the footer of the WordPress site:





Thank you,




Hi @DianaR551,


I'm sorry the required fields on your form aren't capturing the information for you. Please send us an email at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com (include the username for your account, a reference to this post, and the website address where the form is located) so we can look into this for you. Thanks!

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Can I preview the sign up form? 

How do I insert it into a page?

When does it pop up?


Hello Annna,


The sign-up form is created in a way that it only shows up once it is placed on one of your pages, so there is no preview until it is placed on a page.


There are two ways to insert the sign-up form on a page. When you create the sign-up form in the upper right of the page below the Update button there is a Shortcode that is displayed. You can copy this Shortcode and paste it as text on the page you want the sign-up form to display on. The other method is when you are editing the page there will be a button among the other text editing buttons provided by Wordpress that when you mouse over the button it will say "Add Constant Contact Form." When you click on this button it will add the same shortcode to where ever your cursor is currently located in the editing section of that page.


This FAQ also has the steps on how to insert the sign-up form into a page. http://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/18059-Create-a-Wordpress-Form


As for the sign-up form popping-up that will only occur if you also have another plug-in that does a pop-up on your page and you choose to place the sign-up form on that pop-up provided by that plug-in. In that scenario the pop-up will occur based on when you have set that other plug-in's settings.

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how do you customize the layout of the form to blend in to the look of different templates ?




While Constant Contact Forms for WordPress allows for some minimal customization, it will also inherit as much styling as it can from the WordPress theme your website uses. If your form isn't looking great, you may consider seeing if a frontend developer with CSS knowledge can look over your site to determine if there are any style rules that are interfering with the form, or see what kind of additional customization is available. If you need help locating a developer, you might be able to find one on our marketplace.


Please feel free to reach out to our support team at 866-289-2101 if you would like to speak with our support team over the phone.


David B.
API Support Engineer

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Your SSL certificate is out of date, so I don't want to sign my client into the plugin until this if fixed.


Hello Techiki,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I have spoken with our Wordpress team and they have confirmed that the certificate is up to date at this time.


If you continue to have issues with our Wordpress plugin, please contact our support team at the hours and times listed here. We have a specialized team that works with this plugin and they'll be happy to assist you further.