Introducing the new Community emojis!


We'll admit that the emoticons in the Community were a little...outdated. This has been an exciting 2017 for the Community with the new mobile-responsive site and the addition of badges. Now we have the addition of 66 new emojis for our members to include in their posts.




There are the typical facial expressions such as :smileyface: :stuckouttongue: and :thinking: but we're more than just a pretty face. We've included some nature-themed ones, technology and office-related ones, and even some fun emojis like a unicorn :unicorn: , a taco :taco: , and a donut  :doughnut: (personally, the donut is my favorite)!


Which one are you excited to use? Let us know what you think in the comments. Maybe include an emoji or two!


Is there one for a Starbucks-like coffee cup? 


Hi @PanthersHSA


That's a great question! I apologize the emojis available in our Community does not currently include a coffee cup. All of the emojis available can be seen by clicking on the Insert Emoticon button when creating your Community post.



Having a coffee cup emoji is definitely feedback I'd be happy to pass on to the appropriate team.


Not applicable

how can we add emojis to forms and polls?


Hello Daytoncyclingclub!


Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community. Are you referring to adding emojis into your forms and polls within your campaigns or in your sign up forms? If so, at this time the only place where emojis are supported is within the subject line of an email campaign created in our third generation editor. For more information on this please click here. We are more than happy to pass along this feedback on your behalf. Please email us here social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post so we can send it over to the appropriate team. 



It's time to update your emoji's. There just aren't enough to pique interest. They're so limited and out of date.  I hope you'll focus on this soon.



Hi @AliciaI29. You commented on a post about emojis in the Community. Were you looking to leave feedback on the available emojis in the editor? If you did not find one you were looking for in the editor, you can search for an emoji on the web and include it yourself using the steps outlined in this article (see Step 3).